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Introduce children to saving today by setting aside money for the things that can make a difference for their futures with HELP ME SAVE.


How It Works

Nothing is more important to a parent or grandparent than the futures of the children they love. Give the gift of a stable financial future, not just through monetary support, but through the act of sharing the important of planning, saving and spending wisely, with HelpMeSave.


Age Driven Milestones and the Life Stages Saving System

You can choose your own campaign cause, or utilize our age-driven milestones as part of the HelpMeSave Life Stages Saving System. Just choose the life event most important to you and your loved ones:

Lives Being Changed

(i.e. Age Driven Milestones)

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Getting Started

Don't wait until the need is great to start saving. The greatest lesson you can teach a child about financial planning is to be prepared before a need arises. By utilizing our easy-to-navigate tools in advance of life's milestones, you can share a lesson about getting ahead of the curve and creating financial stability.

Why Us?

HelpMeSave's free crowdfunding platform is the best way to make your online fundraiser a success. With our powerful tools, it's simple to start, share and manage a compelling campaign. Best of all, our Life Stages system makes the need for saving and planning easier to explain to children and young people just learning about financial independence, by tying savings goals to well-known life events.

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