HelpMeSave is a crowd-funding platform that allows supportive loved ones to come together and mark milestones in a young person's life while also teaching them valuable, lifelong lessons. Our mission is to empower families to raise new generations of responsible financial stewards through a simple-to-use, milestones-based crowd-funding system that makes it easy to share goals and successes with friends and loved ones.
Anything you can imagine. Use our suggested life stages milestones as a starting point, or choose your own. We know your reasons for saving or helping someone save are as unique as your family and friends. The only limit is your imagination.
Anyone you'd like to share your savings goals with can be a part of your support team. HelpMeSave offers tools to allow for easy sharing of the reason for your savings plan and the option to provide updates to supporters as your savings fund grows.
Talk to friends and loved ones, or share your savings goals on social media.
Our guided step-by-step process is quick and easy. To learn more, view our sign-up information here.


HelpMe Save is a secure site committed to ensuring that safety of your donations. Savers are alerted to every donation made, and since most HelpMeSavers reach out to people they know to help with the process, you can receive updates directly from the savers themselves to confirm they've received your gift.
We encourage people to invite friends and loved ones to support and encourage them as they save. This means you'll likely know the person asking you to support their savings goals, and you'll be able to make educated decisions about how you want to help.
Since each HelpMeSaver is in complete control over the use of the money received, there's no way to know that the money won't later be used for a purpose other than the one listed. That's why we counsel givers to consider the money shared to be a gift and not a loan.
Yes! If the project organizer shares updates and progress reports about the project,you'll be able to see how it's going and be alerted when the savings goal is met.