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Through every stage in a child's life, the need for financial security will be a constant consideration.

Teaching children the value of saving, through life-stage-based goals and the help of friends and loved ones, is one of the most rewarding and valuable lessons you can offer.



About HelpMeSave


Help Me Save was founded by a father and mother of three looking for a way to help their children learn early about the value of financial security. While other crowdfunding sites existed to help them raise funds for projects, none provide a message of personal responsibility while offering the milestone-based philosophy he envisioned. At HelpMeSave, participants are encouraged to see their savings as a stepping stone to learning how to be good stewards of money, setting them up to succeed later in both their personal and professional endeavors.

HelpMeSave allows supportive loved ones to come together and mark milestones in a young person's life while also teaching them valuable, lifelong lessons.

Our mission is to empower families to raise new generations of responsible financial stewards through a simple-to-use, milestones-based crowd-funding system that makes it easy to share goals and successes with friends and loved ones.

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