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New Service Makes Teaching Children and Young Adults the Value of Saving as Easy as Click-Click-Click

HelpMeSave, a new age- and milestones-based tool for teaching children and young adults about financial stability, recently launched with a goal to help raise a new generation of fiscally responsible adults.

"It's hard to teach children the value of saving when instant gratification is so much a part of being young and carefree," said Joseph Ferriolo, Founder. "But by showing them how quickly and steadily savings can add up, and giving them a taste of the pleasure or meeting a goal, we think even the youngest kids can learn to save."

Campaign savors can create custom savings goals, or choose from the milestones listed as part of HelpMeSave's Life Stages System.  HelpMeSave offers the savor to easily share their campaign while also setting achievable goals.

"The best way to teach a young person the value of saving is to let them see it in action and then reap the benefits," Ferriolo said. "The opportunity exists to set longer and farther goals -- even retirement -- but we also offer options like saving for a new bike or a big school trip. Every journey starts with one step, and we want to make taking the first step as easy and rewarding as possible."

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HelpMeSave ( empowers families to raise new generations of responsible financial stewards through a simple-to-use, milestones-based crowd-funding system that makes it easy to share goals and successes with friends and loved ones.

January 2016 - Press Release

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