We live in a world that seems to grow smaller every day, as technology makes it easier and easier to talk to people on the other side of the globe. This contraction of our planet has its upsides, but there are negatives, too. The world can start to seem almost homogeneous, as we speak to distant people surrounded by the sights, sounds and scents of our own, supremely familiar home.

Travel, whether it's across the state or in a far-away land, blows our world back up into its beautiful, cosmic dimensions, reminding us that people in other places eat, drink, believe, do, learn, make and know things we've never even imagined. It's a cliché to say that something "broadens our horizons" ... but that's exactly what travel does: It makes our world large again.

But, rather than dropping in price with the advent of new technologies, travel costs have skyrocketed, and there are fewer options for getting from one place to another. While, years ago, people had the option to take passenger trains all around the United States in addition to hopping on a flight, the rail routes for passengers have greatly diminished, and pricing is often prohibitive. Flying overseas is also still very costly; though there has been talk, off and on, about finding ways to ease overseas fares, it hasn't really happened.

But, in spite of the expense, the gift of experience is something priceless you can give to yourself, or to a friend or family member, through careful saving with clear goals. HelpMeSave can help you make the dream of travel come true.

Recommended savings goals -- Domestic travel: $500; Overseas travel: $2,500


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